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a.1.Pertaining to, or set with, briers or bushes; brambly.
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Manjula Nivanthi and Dumal Warnakulasuriya, up and coming artists with performances in the number one reality show Sirasa Super Star, will be also joining Nirosha to make the celebration a memorable event.
Louis Dumal, the young Haitian program manager for Meds and Food for Kids, a St.
The songs are about brushing your teeth and purifying your water with a drop of chlorine," said Dumal.
Pointing to his records, Dumal explained recovery from malnutrition by describing a child's typical progress in the program.
For children new to the treatment, Dumal and MerveiUe distribute medicine to kill the prevalent worms and parasites that may live in a child's stomach.
Dumal managed to find a truck unloading precious milk powder and bought enough for a few batches, which drove up the price of the batches dramatically.
This line is carried even further by Denis Fonvizin in 1777, who expresses genuine disenchantment with various aspects of his trip to Europe: "Ia dumal sperva, chto Frantsiia, po rasskazam, zemnoi rai, no oshibilsia zhestoko" (I thought, at first, that France, according to the stories, was an earthly heaven, but I was cruelly mistaken) (423), he complains in his "Pis' ma iz vtorovo zagranichnego puteshestviia" ("Letters from the Second Journey Abroad").
Petersburg's similarity in appearance, he uses this fact to highlight his disappointment with the Prussian capital: "Futy, bog moi, dumal ia pro sebia: stoilo zh sebia dvoe sutok v vagone lomat' chtob uvidat' to zhe samoe ot chego uskakal?
On osibsja v nej [approximately equal to] On naprasno dumal o nej tak, kak on dumal, lit.
Tenders are invited for Mohindra Pick up/Balaro/Maxi Turck etcJalalabad to Chak Dumal, Kacha kala wala, Akalgarh, Lappo, Talle wala, Dani vir ke, Dab Khushal, Jalalabad
Tenders are invited for Construction Of 2 Cd 1) Dumal Nalla Instream Storage Check Dam (Ka-01-0104) (Low Height Cd) Over Dumal Nalla Vallage Dumal (2) Bhimdanga-Ii Instream Storage Check Dam (Ka-01-0105) (Low Height Cd) Over Bhimdanga Nalla Vallage Bhimdanga In Bhawanipatna Block