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1. Games
a. charades(used with a sing. or pl. verb) A game in which words or phrases are represented in pantomime, sometimes syllable by syllable, until they are guessed by the other players.
b. An episode in this game or a word or phrase so represented.
2. A readily perceived pretense; a travesty: went through the charade of a public apology.

[French, probably from Provençal charrado, chat, from charra, to chat, chatter, perhaps from Italian ciarlare.]


(Games, other than specified) (functioning as singular) a parlour game in which one team acts out each syllable of a word, the other team having to guess the word
[C18: from French charade entertainment, from Provençal charrado chat, from charra chatter, of imitative origin]
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Noun1.charades - player acts out a phrase for others to guesscharades - player acts out a phrase for others to guess
guessing game - a game in which participants compete to identify some obscurely indicated thing
charade - a word acted out in an episode of the game of charades
حَزاير تَمْثيليّه
gæt og grimasser
sessiz filmsözcük bulma oyunu


(ʃəˈraːd) , ((American) ʃəˈreid) noun
a piece of ridiculous pretence which is so obvious that it does not deceive anyone.
chaˈrades noun singular
a game in which each syllable of a word, and then the whole word, is acted and the audience has to guess the word.
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The group spent about six hours at the Barka farm house and had a fun-filled day by playing cricket, Tug of War, volley ball, swimming, football, music, antakshari, Housie and dumb charades organised by social club coordinator Satish Chander.
Antakshari [a game of songs] was the favourite, along with dumb charades.
Informals (Movie quiz, Dumb Charades, Situational Songs, Whistling and so on).