Dummy car

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(Railroad) a car containing its own steam power or locomotive.
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Thusly, the contents of the exhibit are transported via 'an armored car, police escort, and a dummy car to fool thieves,' said Japan Today.
The organisers even used a dummy car and a dummy school bus to demonstrate their point.
Shaima al Lawati, CEO of ORSA, said, "The activities included some parts of the Traffic Educational Village A[degrees] the dummy school bus and dummy car, distributing flyers, screening educational videos and holding awareness talks on the best road safety practices while using school buses and the responA[degrees] sibilities of school children, bus drivers, school faculty, parents and surrounding community.
Federal agents led Mohamud to the threshold of a terrorist crime, building a dummy car bomb and encouraging him to detonate it at a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in Portland on Nov.
DOLL BOY Latex model in classic TV scene; FORD'S ESCORT X-rated companion in car; SHOP'S DUMMY Car and doll smash into store front
But the equipment they made off with had been placed in a dummy car as a trap by police officers, who lay in wait nearby.
color) A uniformed -- and unnamed -- mannequin used to slowdown speeders sits behind the wheel of a dummy car at the Santa Clarita sheriff's station in Valencia.
Three vehicles - Whant's and two dummy cars - drove past the cameras in five configurations.
With both power and dummy cars featuring headlights, the track circuit fits easily on the 1600mm x 1180mm MidiMat and by adding Hornby Track Packs and accessory packs can soon be developed into a very effective model railway layout.
To ram home the point, insurance giant Mecif is featuring crash test dummy cars to show the importance of seat belts.
They placed phoney satellite navigation devices inside dummy cars and waited for the young thieves to take the bait.