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Noun1.Dumuzi - Sumerian and Babylonian god of pastures and vegetation; consort of Inanna
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APIN itself provides a possible explanation: It identifies the celestial Hired Laborer with the shepherd-god Dumuzi.
15) En el mito de Inanna (la Afrodita sumeria), Enkidu representa la agricultura y su rival Dumuzi (la version de Adonis) la ganaderia.
Thus, for instance, Alalgar is said to have reigned for 36,000 years, and the same period is attributed to Dumu-zid / Dumuzi ("Son of truth") and to En-sipad-zid-Annak / Ensipazianna; Berossos indicates that Aloros (the same as Alulim) reigned also for 36,000 Earthyears (cf.
Investigation into the deeper implications and parallels that lie behind these two romance marriages of King and Queen and their essential role in the health and stability of the kingdom, as well as of the two people involved, might bring out further interesting roots and beginnings in the origins of the sacred marriage and the association of the feminine with wisdom and mystery; perhaps as far back as the Sumerian mysteries of the sacred marriage between "Innana (goddess of the evening star) [and] Dumuzi (god of vegetation)"--or further (Oelschlaeger 39-40).
Dumuzi, el pastor, fue inmortal mientras duro esa noche.
Es la primavera que sigue a la muerte de la naturaleza encarnada en la desaparicion de Tammuz, Dumuzi o el Dionisios cretense, que luego pasara a Grecia.
The Vulva Song of Inana I am lady I who in this house of holy lapis praying in my sanctuary say my holy prayer I who am lady who am queen of heaven let the chanter chant of it the singer sing of it & let my bridegroom my Dumuzi my wild bull delight me let their words fall from their mouths o singers singing for their youth their song that rises up in Nippur gift to give the son of god I who am lady sing to praising him the chanter chants it I who am Inana give my vulva song to him o star my vulva of the dipper vulva slender boat of heaven new moon crescent beauty vulva unploughed desert vulva fallow field for wild geese where my mound longs for his flooding hill my vulva lying open & the girl asks: who will plough it?
In ancient Mesopotamia there were sacred hymns that recounted the courtship and marriage of Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth, and Dumuzi, the Shepherd-King of Uruk.
chose for her consort the lowly shepherd Dumuzi, whom she raised up,
Although there are similar tales of descent into the underworld, this dream closely fits the love story of Inanna and Dumuzi (Wolkstein, 1992).
Quiza las comparaciones mas significativas introducidas por primera vez por parte de Florescano (2000, 291 a 354), estan entre Quetzalcoatl y cultos agricolas representados a traves de dioses de diferentes regiones del mundo, como son Dumuzi, Tammuz, Osiris, Adonis, Persofone.
The opera's main deity is Inanna, the lusty Sumerian queen of heaven and earth, who gains most of her powers by getting the god of wisdom drunk After admiring her own "wondrous vulva," she beds down with the farmer Dumuzi, thus symbolically enacting the union of divine power and the staff of life.