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(Placename) the Arabic name for Damietta


(ˌdæm iˈɛt ə)

a city in NE Egypt, in the Nile delta. 121,200. Arabic, Dumyat.
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Wee County Walkers Meet on Sundays at 2pm in Dumyat Centre car park for walk with trained leaders.
The noted outdoors campaigner and former Daily Record journalist created an incredible world of Highland adventures which became the acclaimed Clan series of children's novels, beginning with Light on Dumyat.
Al Buhayrah, Al Iskandariyah, Bur Said, Dumyat, Kafr ash Shaykh, Matruh, Shamal Sina' France 3 of 22 regions Corse, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur Greece 12 of 13 regions Anatoliki Makedonia, Thraki, Attiki, Dytiki Ellada, Ionioi Nisoi, Ipeiros, Kentriki Makedonia, Kriti, Notio Aigaio, Peloponnisos, Sterea Ellada, Thessalia, Voreio Aigaio Israel 5 of 6 districts HaDarom, Haifa.
A lot of titles have been enormously successful: the novel Dumyat al-Nar [ Fire Doll ] by the Algerian novelist Bashir Mufti reached the short list for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) in 2012.
This multicenter study included patients that were diagnosed with TC at Al-Hussein, Alexandria, Dumyat, Al-Zahraa, and Tanta university hospitals from 2002 to 2012.
Security said that eight people were killed in the Nile Delta province of Dumyat north of Cairo and another four died in the Suez Canal city of Ismailiya.
Major cities located within 10 km of potential reassortment hotspots are Benha, Cairo, Dumyat, El Faiyum, and Shibin el Kom, which could be prioritized for increased surveillance to detect reassortment events and prevent spread.
AWB, a member of NBK Group, was established in 1980 and has a branch network comprised of 40 branches situated at strategic locations within the various Egyptian governorates and cities, including Cairo, Al Jezza, Alexandria, Sharam Al Shaikh, Al Ghardaka, Tanta, 6 th October, 10 th Ramadan, Al Mansoura, Dumyat and Souhaj.
AWB , which is a member of NBK Group, was established in 1980 and has 39 branches across Egypt including at Cairo, Al Jezza, Alexandria, Sharam Al Shaikh, Al Ghardaka, Tanta, 6th October, 10th Ramadan, Al Mansoura, Dumyat and Souhaj.
He said most of the sand was imported from the Egyptian cities of Dumyat and Arish.
Al-Bakharzi's Dumyat al-qasr, a collection of biographies of poets of the 5th/11th century which includes excerpts from their poetry, has, as far as I know, no entries for exegetes apart from that for al-Wahidi.
A third factor is the influence of Cairene Arabic, along the medieval trade roads of the Central Delta from Cairo to Dumyat.