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A unit of area used for land measurement in Israel and usually equal to 1,000 square meters.

[Modern Israeli Hebrew, from Turkish dönüm; see donum.]


(Units) a unit of land area measurement used in Israel equivalent to 1,000 square metres
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Israel said it is attempting to legalize the expropriation of some 45 dunams of privately owned Palestinian land that is located .
The events of Land Day date back to March 30, 1976 when Palestinians in the occupied territories observed a general strike in protest against the expropriation of thousands of dunams of land by occupation forces to build Israeli settlements.
18 (BNA): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain has condemned the recent decision of the Israeli occupation authorities to confiscate 2,342 dunams (579 acres) of the Palestinian land in Jordan valley in the occupied West Bank.
MANAMA, March 18 (KUNA) -- The Kingdom of Bahrain has condemned Israeli authorities' recent decision to confiscate 2,342 dunams (579 acres) of Palestinian lands in Jordan Valley at the West Bank, official media reported Friday.
Construction work has begun on an ambitious project to build Israel's largest man-made lake in Be'er Sheva, spanning 90 dunams (approximately 22 acres)
Head of the Wadi Fukin Village Council Ahmad Sukkar said the Israelis had razed 20 dunams of land between the Beitar Illit and Tzur Hadassah settlements.
The activist called on the owner of the building, who carries the Swedish citizenship, to issue a statement regarding the legal status of Beit al-Baraka building, which was constructed as a free tuberculosis treatment center, known as Beit al-Baraka (House of Blessing) more than 70 years ago on 35 Dunams and was shut down in 1983.
The Cabinet also approved selling 383 dunams (383,000 square meters) of land in Hama countryside to the Military Housing Establishment to build a housing project on it.
Rather, the government of Israel-- in blatant defiance of all humanitarian and international laws -- has confiscated 2,000 dunams of land in the town of Yatta in Hebron, in addition to its decision to confiscate 4,000 dunams of land in Bethlehem and Hebron, and the destruction of factories and economic establishments.
4,000 dunams at (the settlement of) Gevaot is declared as state land", the army department charged with administering civil affairs in occupied territory said, adding that concerned parties have 45 days to appeal.
All Iraqi farmers who own more than 30 dunams of land will be eligible for this loan.
In actual fact there are 2,100 separate settlements covering over 800,000 dunams, all NGO and EU protected, all originally illegal.