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(Placename) a town in W Scotland, in West Dunbartonshire near the confluence of the Rivers Leven and Clyde: centred around the Rock of Dumbarton, an important stronghold since ancient times; engineering and distilling. Pop: 20 527 (2001)


(dʌmˈbɑr tn)

1. Also, Dunbarton. Also called Dum•bar•ton•shire (dʌmˈbɑr tnˌʃɪər, -ʃər a historic county in W Scotland.)
2. a city in W Scotland, near the Clyde River: 80,105.
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It was a battle, but Dunbarton voters decided to give their elementary school more space and some much-needed structural repairs.
Wayne Wrighting has previously won this race Dunbarton Cross and Caloona Striker, but whether Golden Jacket finalist Boltatwelldigger can topple hotpot is doubtful on the of his overall form.
from Dunbarton writes on Facebook that the best way to reduce gun violence is to get rid of all laws restricting carrying concealed guns and eliminate restrictions on the manufacture and sale of fully automatic firearms.
Weighing in at 8 pounds, the small-but-mighty Roelli Cheese Haus's Dunbarton Blue (below), from Shullsburg, Wis.
The new cell site reportedly provides increased wireless voice and 3G data along I-293, Straw Road/East Dunbarton Road, Route 3A and parts of River Road and Union Street in Manchester, as well as the surrounding areas.
It will continue to be published on its normal schedule and be distributed in Auburn, Allenstown, Atkinson, Bedford, Candia, Chester, Danville, Deerfield, Derry, Dunbarton, Epping, Goffstown, Hampstead, Hooksett, Litchfield, Londonderry, Manchester, Merrimack, New Boston, Pelham, Pembroke, Plaistow, Raymond, Salem, Sandown, Weare and Windham.
Donnachie worked in West Dunbarton - shire's housing department when she made the licence application.
West Dunbarton shire education director Terry Langan said yesterday: "Staff received intelligence that two fourthyear pupils aged 15 had planned to take an illegal substance with them on a school trip to Alton Towers.
The Errol project is the fourth community forest project completed by TPL in New Hampshire, including Randolph, Dunbarton, and Freedom.
Dunbarton, S Owen, Bayley, J Parry, Hagan (Riley 75), S Davies, Platt, Prosser (I Williams 19), C Williams, T Williams.
GRETNA lead Division Two following their 1-0 home victory over Dunbarton with Steve Tosh scoring the game's only goal.
I was still at home in Dunbarton, Glasgow, with my parents and student sister Gemma, now 22, but I threw myself into student life.