Duncan Phyfe

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Duncan Phyfe

(ˈdʌŋkən ˌfaɪf) or

Duncan Fife

(Furniture) (modifier) carpentry US of or in the manner of Duncan Phyfe, esp in that which followed the Sheraton and Directoire styles

Dun•can Phyfe

(ˈdʌŋ kən ˈfaɪf)
of, pertaining to, or resembling the furniture made by Duncan Phyfe, esp. the earlier pieces in the Sheraton and Directoire styles.
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Among his wares was a mahogany Sheraton Pembroke table, with reeded legs and clover top, circa 1790 to 1810, built by Duncan Phyfe.
The entrance to the exhibition is a beautifully rendered 'stage set'--based on Morgan &, Sanders' London showroom and the Shop and Warehouse of Duncan Phyfe, 168-172, Fulton Street, New York City (1817-20; Fig.
There was this Duncan Phyfe table with a mahogany top.
In Barbara Cosgrove Lamps' space, the focus will be on occasional tables, including a wooden tulip table and a Duncan Phyfe coffee table.
Shapiro's mixed diction in "The Fly," whose early stanzas liken the insect to "snot," a polyhedron, and a Duncan Phyfe chair, echoes in a Phillips poem such as "Ode to a Banana," which moves from the neo-Romantic through Yiddish slang to pop culture, from aesthetic rapture through comedy to horror.
brought to the marriage Windsor and Hitchcock chairs, Duncan Phyfe tables, oil paintings--some done by his mother, Adele--and a growing collection of some 30 antique clocks.
Some of the more well-known members include Stephen Allen, Andrew Carnegie, Peter Cooper, Robert Fulton, Andrew Hagstrom, James Harper, Abram Hewitt, Jacob Lorillard, and Duncan Phyfe, who were craftsmen, politicians, industrialists, and inventors.
Names to look for include Aeolian, Vocalion and Duncan Phyfe, which was a rather smart walnut version with reeded legs.
As our own country blossomed, early cabinetmakers such as John Goddard and Duncan Phyfe also used mahogany in adding their own unique touches of individuality.
Their split-level home is furnished with the Queen Anne chairs and Duncan Phyfe furniture they bought 15 years ago.
He was so much copied that a Duncan Phyfe style came into being.
When the receptionist says, "Please have a seat in the lobby" and motions you to an 1810 mahogany-framed sofa created by master designer Duncan Phyfe, you smooth your trousers before you sit.