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 (dŭng′kər) also Dun·kard (-kərd)
A member of the German Baptist Brethren, a group of German-American Baptists opposed to military service and the taking of legal oaths.

[Pennsylvania Dutch, from dunke, to dunk (from the practice of baptism by immersion); see dunk.]
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Noun1.Dunkard - an adherent of Baptistic doctrines (who practice baptism by immersion)Dunkard - an adherent of Baptistic doctrines (who practice baptism by immersion)
Church of the Brethren, Dippers, Dunkers - a Baptist denomination founded in 1708 by Americans of German descent; opposed to military service and taking legal oaths; practiced trine immersion
Baptist - follower of Baptistic doctrines
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On 11 February 2014, three gas wells exploded at a gas well site in Dunkard Township, Green County, Pa.
Carbon -- Silverbrook Antbracite Alden -- Stoudt's Ferry Auburn -- Stoudt's Ferry Oaks -- Stoudt's Ferry Mount Penn -- Superior Coal Prep Superior -- Pennsylvania-Bituminous (26) Alpha Natural Resources Cumberland 1,600 Alpha Natural Resources Emerald 1,850 Cobra Mining Dunkard -- CONSOL Energy Bailey Central 8,200 Girard Estate Girardville (Idle) 350 High Quality Maple Creek (Idle) -- Homer City Processing Homer City 1,200 ICS Energy Group LLC Wilson Creek 400 Jericho Fuels Tipple 4J -- Jill Mining Cunnard -- Murray American Energy Eighty Four (Idle) 1,000 Murray American Energy Keystone 800 Original Fuels Original Fuels 650 PBS Coals Inc.
Investigators determined that an inexperienced worker at Chevron's site in Dunkard Township of Greene County loosened a bolt without proper supervision, likely causing the well to leak and catch fire.
Broadly similar limestones within redbed-dominated intervals have been described from the Hastings Formation in western Cape Breton (Hamblin 2001) and the Dunkard Group of the Appalachian Basin (Montanez and Cecil 2013).
The story about the 2009 fish kill at Dunkard creek is new to many of us here in southeastern Pennsylvania ("What Killed Dunkard Creek," Winter 2012).
Tioga Co, PA L Cows drank toxic fracking fluids Blacksville, WV O Nearly all aquatic life killed along a 30 mile stretch of Dunkard Creek Gibbs Hill, PA O Physical effects from drinking/touching water after fracking Joyfield Twn, O Leak in 1000' deep well caused MI shutdown of operations Roaring Branch, O Rust colored water in spring PA and creeks bubbling with methane gas Cleburne, TX Q Earthquakes blamed on fracturing DFW Airport, TX Q Wells used to dispose of byproduct caused earthquakes.
flourished because of high chloride levels in Dunkard Creek (8)
With research interests in the Cincinnatian Series limestones, the Wind River Basin of Wyoming and the Dunkard Basin Geology, Martin was an expert in the geology of a portion of the Rocky Mountains.
The Delaware line was completed first, but the western line could not be carried to the full five degrees of longitude because the Indians accompanying the expedition refused to go one step past a point located a short distance beyond Dunkard Creek.
Another was a Dunkard, a member of a pacifist sect, who moved from Virginia to Kentucky in hopes of avoiding conscription into anyone's army.