Duns Scotus

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Duns Sco·tus

 (dŭnz skō′təs), John Known as "the Subtle Doctor." 1265?-1308.
Scottish Franciscan friar, philosopher, and theologian whose commentary on Peter Lombard's Sentences challenged Thomas Aquinas's view of reason's ability to attain truth about the divine.

Duns Scotus

(ˈdʌnz ˈskɒtəs)
(Biography) John. ?1265–1308, Scottish scholastic theologian and Franciscan priest: opposed the theology of St Thomas Aquinas. See also Scotism

Duns Sco•tus

(dʌnz ˈskoʊ təs)
John ( “Doctor Subtilis” ), 1265?–1308, Scottish scholastic theologian.
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Noun1.Duns Scotus - Scottish theologian who was very influential in the Middle Ages (1265-1308)
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I have read Ockham, Bradwardine, and other of the schoolmen, together with the learned Duns Scotus and the book of the holy Aquinas.
He is, as the poet Hopkins says of Duns Scotus, that "rarest veined unraveller.
Historically, this argument has been extremely negatively evaluated, most famously perhaps by John Duns Scotus who said:
The topics include Aquinas on the demonstrability of angels, angelic time and motion from Bonaventure to Duns Scotus, Duns Scotus on angelic knowledge, Augustine and Anselm on angelic sin, and theories of angelic sin from Aquinas to Ockham.
One gets to know positions of quite prominent thinkers, such as Bonaventure and Thomas Aquinas for the thirteenth century, or John Duns Scotus and William of Ockham for the fourteenth century.
Surprisingly absent from the volume's discussion of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception is the breakthrough theological contribution of Duns Scotus.
With a packed programme of music, film, theatre and fashion events, as well as a lantern procession from Glasgow Cathedral to the Church of John Duns Scotus where St Valentine's remains are housed the damp days of February look set to take on a rosy glow in the city.
This theological view has been espoused by the Franciscans since the Middle Ages and championed by John Duns Scotus, a Scottish Franciscan theologian and philosopher who died in 1308.
The same would go, in my book, for "The Prince of the Scotists" (Bartholomew Mastrius) because John Duns Scotus (Doctor Subtilis--"The Subtle Doctor") is hard enough to understand.
In the 1930's, a debate was initiated by Franciscan theologians who attempted to rehabilitate the different formulation of Duns Scotus by questioning the general interpretation of what the Council of Chalcedon actually affirmed.
Kill holds a degree in Philosophy from Duns Scotus College.
14) As is taught, among others, by Ioannes Duns Scotus, In quattuor libros Sententiarum, lib.