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See donum.

[Arabic dūnum; see donum.]
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Finan Irrigation Project: establishing a network to irrigate 3,000 dunum, divided into 150 farm units, and drilling five wells for irrigation the lands, in addition to the permanent water runoff
Located near the Al-Aarub refugee camp, the hospital complex sits on 40 dunums of land and comprises eight buildings (a dunum is roughly equivalent to one acre).
A farmer with 100 palm trees or farmland of 20 dunums (a dunum is 900 square meters) will also be granted a farmhand visa.
The rain saved us from drought, thank God," Abdul Karim Trudi told AFP at his 40 dunum (four-hectare, nine-acre) farm in Shuneh, west of the capital Amman.
a He pointed out that the ministry will provide wheat farmers with seeds at preferential prices in order to encourage them to plan the crop in the next season, adding that the ministry also supports farmers with JD5 for each dunum planted with wheat.
5 dunums [a dunum is a quarter of an acre] from our land.
5 dunum are located in the West Bank, mainly in the Jordan Valley, Jenin, and Tulkarm areas.
The other project stated in the settlement deal will be a real estate development project to be set up on another 50 dunum plot of land.
The project will be implemented on a 15,000-dunum area, including 6,000 dunums in Jiza and 3,000 dunums in Thiban District south of Madaba.
Ensour also told dignitaries and local authorities of Mn at a conference in his office that the government would conduct the King's makruma (royal gesture) under which a 70,000-dunum plot of state-owned land will be distributed to the inhabitants of Mn, or one dunum per Mn citizen who bears a national number.
Heexplained that each dunum of agricultural land needs about 800 cubic meters of water annually, while the Israeli occupation gives farmers only 200 cubic meters for irrigation, which causes damage to crops, noting that the average production per dunum reaches 17 tons annually, whereas in the settlers' farms, it reaches 35 tons.
Last month a group of Jewish settlers confiscated a dunum of Al-Khader lands and planted it with olive seedlings in an attempt to create a Jewish control in the area, the statement added.