n.1.See 2d Dubber.
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When we go to their pals for tea, they are made to eat sugar napping peas (what can I say, they have posh veg choices), while the grown-ups have a nice dupper dee (cup of tea).
New minister Peter Weir is a Dupper who supports academic selection - and, in the minds of some people, is in favour of elitism and inequality.
Douglas 10, Siuslaw 3: Mikala Dupper had three hits to lead the Trojans to the victory over the Vikings.
Propane autogas is made in America, abundantly available, less expensive and is an environmentally clean fuel," said Solis managing partner Craig Dupper.
Esta es capaz de ocasionar profundos y negativos efectos en aquellos que la sufren (Newman-Carlson & Horne, 2004; Reyes, Abufhele, Montt, & Zamosa, 2011; Whitted & Dupper, 2005); sin embargo, muchas veces este fenomeno no es percibido, pues se considera un comportamiento habitual en la edad escolar y solo cobra importancia cuando sus consecuencias ya se han vuelto graves e incluso mortales (Espelage, 2003; Trautmann, 2008).
These efforts may be spearheaded or significantly influenced by school counselors (Whitted & Dupper, 2005).
and slower rates of academic progress; (e) have higher rates of future antisocial behavior; and (f) have lower self-efficacy and academic engagement (Brown, 2007; Dupper, Theriot, & Craun, 2009; Fabelo et al.
Thad Dupper, CEO, Evolving Systems, said that the contract was the third order for DSA in Africa.
In addition to its renowned Friday brunch, we've just launched Dupper which is available every Thursday night and combines dinner and supper together in a very creative culinary format.
Dupper does emerge, "catching at the ends of his white tie and asking where was the prayer book.
Increased disciplinary events occur at the transition to middle school particularly among students of color and those from low socioeconomic backgrounds (Malaspina & Rimm-Kaufman, 2008; Theriot & Dupper, 2010).