Dutch Leonard

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Noun1.Dutch Leonard - United States writer of thrillers (born in 1925)
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Other Red Sox starters with 2-0 records in World Series play are Rube Foster (1915), Dutch Leonard (1915, '16), Curt Schilling (2004, '07), and Luis Tiant (1975).
Dutch Leonard, President of Burlington CasualWear, said, "We and our joint venture partners IGP just opened a world-class denim jeans 'laundry' facility in Meoqui, Mexico.
Dutch Leonard clearly refutes the old adage, "Crime doesn't pay.
Dutch Leonard, author of over 34 novels, Monika Essen, set designer, and Efe Bes, a percussionist, will discuss their creative inspirations and methodologies, and the obstacles they continue to overcome.
Dutch Leonard, President of Burlington CasualWear, said the group will offer customers additional product variety through two business units: