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 (do͞o′väl-yā′, dü-), François Known as "Papa Doc." 1907-1971.
Haitian politician who was elected president in 1957. In 1964 he declared himself president for life and ruled as a dictator until his death. His son Jean-Claude (1951-2014), known as "Baby Doc," succeeded him in 1971 as president for life, but was deposed in a coup d'état in 1986.


(French dyvalje)
1. (Biography) François (frɑ̃swa), known as Papa Doc. 1907–71, president of Haiti (1957–71)
2. (Biography) his son, Jean-Claude (ʒɑ̃klod), known as Baby Doc. born 1951, Haitian statesman; president of Haiti 1971–86; deposed; lived in exile in France before returning to Haiti in 2011


(ˌdu vælˈyeɪ, duˈvæl yeɪ)

François, (“Papa Doc”), 1907–71, Haitian dictator: president 1957–71.
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Noun1.Duvalier - son and successor of Francois Duvalier as president of Haiti; he was overthrown by a mass uprising in 1986 (born in 1951)
2.Duvalier - oppressive Haitian dictator (1907-1971)
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With the fall of Duvalier, the village will take out its wrath on militia members while, alerted, Tertulian crossed the Dominican border at night dressed as a woman.
His Whicker's World show lasted more than 30 years and gave viewers a glimpse of exotic jetset lifestyles which were beyond most people's reach and saw him interviewing the rich, glamorous and powerful including Peter Sellers, the Sultan of Brunei and Haitian dictator Papa Doc Duvalier.
His Whicker's World show lasted more than 30 years and gave viewers a glimpse of exotic lifestyles which were beyond most people's reach and saw him interviewing people including Peter Sellers and Papa Doc Duvalier.
Ministers whose appointment has been questioned include Minister of Planning Yves-Germain Joseph, a former senior official close to late dictator Jean-Claude "Bebe Doc" Duvalier (1971-1986), who died last year, the son of the also ruthless and corrupt dictator Frangois "Papa Doc" Duvalier (1957-1971, president for life since 1964).
Duvalier was the son of Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier, a medical doctor-turned-dictator who promoted "Noirisme," a movement that sought to highlight Haiti's African roots over its European ones while uniting the black majority against a mulatto elite in a country divided by class and color.
FORMER Haiti dictator Baby Doc Duvalier died yesterday on the island where ruled in a 15-year reign of terror.
1971: Haiti's ruler, Francois 'Papa Doc' Duvalier, has died after 14 years in power.
In a posting on his Facebook page and in a separate email, the leader said that the head of the council is Frizto Canton, a high-profile attorney who is defending former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier against human rights abuse and embezzlement charges.
During 1957-86, the authoritarian rule of Francois Duvalier and his son, Jean-Claude, reinforced a system of corruption and intimidation that has become entrenched in subsequent Haitian political systems.
Another recent case is Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, who took over as Haiti's dictator at 19 when his father "Papa Doc" died in 1971 and ruled it until he was overthrown by a popular revolt in 1986.
Dominique, who was exiled during the government of ex-dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, was known for being outspoken.
1 Charles Manson was convicted of the Tate murders 2 Idi Amin seized power in Uganda 3 Opportunity Knocks topped the TV ratings 4 Baby Doc Duvalier succeeded his father Papa Doc in Haiti wordwise The word may sound familiar, but what does it mean?