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1.(Homeop.) The act of setting free the dynamic powers of a medicine, as by shaking the bottle containing it.
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As for the creation of employment, the Minister indicated that the oil production has signified the dynamization of the economic activity of the country, as well as the creation of jobs, especially in the sectors of production and services.
Towards a dual-process model of capability dynamization.
40) They showed a 47% re-operation rate, with the majority undergoing dynamization.
Towards a dualprocess model of capability dynamization, Strategic Management Journal, 28(9): 913-933.
Plevneliev also argued that the launch of direct flights between the countries in the Black Sea region would contribute to the dynamization of their relations and to the deepening of their trade and economic cooperation.
The fact that Yuelin sacrifices herself to protect her own mother Xiao also suggests a reading of Yuelin's death a form of "double violence" which "firstly produces conflict, perturbation and dynamization, and secondly, a violence that puts a forceful closure on to such disruptions, that recuperates instances of instability into stability (through the sacrifice of the feminine body)" (Bronfen 193).
Improved Healing of Large Segmental Defects in the Rat Femur by Reverse Dynamization in the Presence of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2
It is an interesting concept, somewhat comparable with dynamization of an interlocked intramedullary nail.
The project “CIO Awards” from IDC was created to show the market in general, that in moments of economical, financial and social difficulties, several companies and governmental organizations decided to bet on the dynamization and innovation of their activities, with the information Technologies support, generating a series of projects which contributed for the positive development of these entities.
In this cosmos of space-time dynamization there are no discernible points, such as the center of perspective or a shadow designed to tell a point in time.
The initial project lacked continuity, but the use of EUREKA allowed the recording of the interchanges and its dynamization out of the space and temporal frame of the course.
It was funded by the Spanish Cooperation, within the framework of its project to develop technical and scientific tools and capacities for the preservation and sustainable management of forest resources and for the dynamization of rural population in Lebanon and Syria.