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Even the one called a religious party in the name of JUI (F) and the one by JUI (S) are dynastical and are passing in the hands of offspring from their ancestors.
49), who states "adopting dynastical names by the common people was a popular way to express some kind of relationship with the foreign rulers.
The destruction of the state," in his mind, was another name for dynastical replacement and had nothing to do with ordinary Chinese.
Even Obama's election - a democratic endorsement of a figure who didn't emerge from a dynastical elite - was met with inevitable references to Kennedy's "Camelot" and the iconography of golden-age patrician politics, while a Vogue interview with Chelsea Clinton this summer gushed that she was "waiting in the wings" before a (natural?
You don't need to say the name "George Bush" to know that a dynastical tendency might mean you don't get the most competent candidate, and - while having a political family heritage doesn't mean you can't be a competent politician - those who haven't struggled to make a name for themselves are likely to be made of different stuff to the pioneer who carved out their own place in the world.
The first Caliphate as espoused in early Islam did not last 100 years before disintegrating into the dynastical rule of Umayyads and others which witnessed revolts and resistance against to bring about governance based on popular choice and acceptance of governing authority.
His son then eliminated those who refused to accept this idea of dynastical monarchy.
Another political trend during this era was the establishment of a series of splinter dynastical monarchies by a variety of powerful families and groups.
However, his attempt to sanctify the dynastical system of the Abbasids and to give the caliph a free hand barely controlled by the dictates of Shari'ah could not save the dwindling power of Baghdad.
The Arabic chancery, the diwan, now played a major role in cultivating a new dynastical image through a variety of symbols, administrative and material.
George Grove, Hubert Parry, Ralph Vaughan Williams were the dynastical figureheads of the renaissance "establishment.