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Dynes, a counselor and freelance writer, offers about 100 ready-to-use activities for groups of older people in various settings, to help them reduce isolation, maintain communication skills, and improve their well-being.
The High Court heard Michael Dynes, 39, allegedly groomed children to commit online acts with siblings in a case involving potentially hundreds of victims.
The new range of kits includes the QA Set, which has been adapted to enable users to purchase one kit that holds the complete range of Dyne test fluids from 30mN/m (Dynes/cm) up to 72mN/m.
UK-based Dynes presents a text for both novice and experienced group facilitators in various settings--social, youth, probation, care and health work, education--working with youth or adults who need to develop essential life skills.
The steel was knocked on to him by a mechanical digger being operated by his boss at the time, John Dynes.
For printing with solvent inks, Jemmco also introduced its EZ Read Poly Test Pens, which produce a solid red or blue stripe when treatment level is 38 dynes or higher and fade if treatment level is less than 38.
A pay increase sanctioned by the regents this fall brought President Robert Dynes salary to $403,916, according to published reports, and increased the annual compensation of 10 chancellors from $253,600 to $358,900.
Dynes appointed a 17-member committee Thursday to help him find the next chancellor of University of California, Los Angeles.
As a general rule, the substrate's surface energy should be 10 dynes higher than the ink's surface tension in order to produce desirable labels.
In addition to the eddy current dynamometer lines, Dynes Systems has also acquired Maxwell Dynamometer Systems, Inc.
I'm glad I chose Marsha Dynes because of her commitment to the high standards expected of a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, Mrs.
Dynes of the University of California, San Diego, leader of the new study.