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 (dzo͝ong-gâr′ē-ə, zo͝ong-)
A vast historical region of northwest China. It was a Mongol kingdom before it was conquered by the Qing empire in the 1750s.


(dzʊŋˈɡɛərɪə; zʊŋ-)
(Placename) another name for Junggar Pendi


(dzʊŋˈgɛər i ə, zʊŋ-)

a region in N Sinkiang, China: a Mongol kingdom during the 11th to 14th centuries.
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sativa at three places in eastern Kazakhstan in 1840-1841: on Lake Alakol near the Dzungarian Gate (s32); the Kyskatsch mountains, between Lake Balkhash and Lake Zaysan (between s29 and s32); and near Khantau, between Lake Balkhash and Bishkek (s33).
In 2012, it completed a rail line extending from Khorgos to Zhetygen, Kazakhstan, and onward to Western Russia and Europe, paralleling an existing line from Xinjiang's provincial capital of Urumqi through China's Dzungarian Gate (Alashankou) and into Kazakhstan's largest city, Almaty.
This day we have signed a peace treaty with the Kazakhs and solved issues and wars for Dzungarian lands.
While crossing the border between Kazakhstan and China, he was given the skull and skin of a horse that had been shot in the Dzungarian Desert of northwestern China.