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 (dzo͝ong-gâr′ē-ə, zo͝ong-)
A vast historical region of northwest China. It was a Mongol kingdom before it was conquered by the Qing empire in the 1750s.


(dzʊŋˈɡɛərɪə; zʊŋ-)
(Placename) another name for Junggar Pendi


(dzʊŋˈgɛər i ə, zʊŋ-)

a region in N Sinkiang, China: a Mongol kingdom during the 11th to 14th centuries.
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The Uzbek, Dzungarians, and Uygur are very skilled at growing them.
Przewalski (1839-1888) wrote of the Dzungarian sands, "Roaming is impossible here even for the nomads most accustomed to all sorts of hardship," and he stressed the "awful wildness" and "striking bareness" of the desert around the tiny Khami Oasis.
After World War II (1939-1945), stockraisers actively occupied the Dzungarian Gobi.