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Prior Information Notice: Supply of desktop PCs, monitors, laptops, tablets, printers, scanners, e-book reader, external drives, voice recorders, headphones and hard drives to backup data center
Barnes & Noble spent years investing heavily in its Nook e-book reader and e-book library, but they struggled to be profitable.
The tech giant and the publishers were accused of conspiring to set e-book prices and working together to break Amazon's hold on the market with its Kindle e-book reader, the report said.
The e-book version is expected to be widely popular with the ever growing e-book reader audience.
If you have iBooks or another e-book reader installed, click this link from your mobile device.
Aan Amazon Kindle aperwhite PS109 nly 6-inch long this is On Amazon's most advanced e-book reader.
Recent changes in e-book hardware have produced the long sought after under-$100 e-book reader, and now the multipurpose Kindle Fire--an e-book reader, tablet computer, and Internet portal all in one.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The Reeder2, an e-book reader and multipurpose tablet produced by Turkish electronics firm Selekt, has become the most popular e-reader in Turkey, say Selekt officials.
Gold said he expects Windows 8 to power "lots of devices, including tablets … An e-book reader on such a platform, together with an integrated book marketplace [from Barnes & Noble], can help the sale of such devices, especially convertible notebook/tablet devices.
Amazon Kindle is an e-book reader and the company confirmed the thriller writer came above celebrated writers such as Terry Pratchett, Agatha Christie and David Nicholls.
In 2008, Dubai based company Merlin Digital launched a six-inch e-book reader to the local market.
Many e-book readers are also increasingly appealing to K12 because of recent developments including the introduction of some of the first digital textbooks, new education-content partnerships between e-book reader manufacturers and education publishers, and recent legislation in states such as Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia, Texas, California and Florida that include some sort of future mandate for digital content use--which could include digital books--in all public schools.