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Any of a group of proteins that span the plasma membrane of eukaryotic cells and, in the presence of calcium, bind to identical proteins in adjacent cells, thus linking cells together in tissues.

[Blend of ca(lcium) + adher(e) + -in.]
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The LC / DC [TM] Multiplex IHC test (Biocare Medical) consists of an antibody against the cell junction protein p120 in combination with E-cadherin to provide increased confidence in the differentiation of lobular vs.
This is may be attributed to the reduction of intercellular communicative molecules and expression of genes related to compaction and cellular adhesion (Cx43, E-Cadherin, desmocollin II) (Wrenzycki et al.
Invasion assays expressing human E-cadherin or not did not show substantial differences, suggesting that L.
The sisters are among just 100 families in the world born with the mutant E-cadherin gene.
The Welsh School of Pharmacy team believe giving Tamoxifen to women with low or no levels of a protein called E-cadherin may make breast cancer worse.
Mouse monoclonal antibodies to E-cadherin (clone 36 mouse IgG2a), to [beta]-catenin (clone 1a mouse IgG1) and to [alpha]-catenin (clone 5 mouse IgG1) (Transduction Labs, Lexington, KY), were used at a 1:50 dilution in phosphate buffer saline (PBS).
The role of p120 catenin is less understood, but it probably involves regulating cadherin stability at the cell surface, as loss of cadherin-p120 binding results in endocytosis of E-cadherin in mammalian cells (Miyashita and Ozawa, 2007).
Methods: Promoter hypermethylation analysis of five tumour associated genes namely p16, p15, MGMT, hMLH1 and E-cadherin were done for 41 MDS patient samples with its various subtype.
Immunohistochemical analysis showed local pan-cytokeratin (+), vimentin (+), P63 (−), cytokeratin 516 (−), CD34 (+), few scattering in the CD68 (+), Ki-67: 50%, the local smooth muscle actin (+), the local S-100 (+), estrogen receptor (−), progesterone receptor (−), E-cadherin (−), dosmin (−), actin (+), the local CD10 (+), and CD117 (−).
Mouse anti-human e-cadherin, Nch-38 clone, Ready for use; Monocl.