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The debate on whether Britain should join the single currency is now likely to intensify after E-Day and all eyes will be firmly fixed on Europe to see whether the launch of the euro is an instant success or deemed a farce and failure.
After E-Day all banks and building societies will issue only euros.
E-Day also means that from now on, international firms will not be able to charge customers in one country more than they would in another.
At the "Holland E-Day @ Alibaba" event, Jack Ma, Chairman of Alibaba Group, and other executives welcomed His Majesty Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands, and a delegation of Dutch companies and government representatives, including Minister Sharon Dijksma, Minister for Agriculture; Pieter Elbers, President and CEO of KLM; Andrew van der Feltz, Global Director of Business Development & Operations at NBTC; Hanneke Faber, CEO of Ahold Online; and Sjaak Kranendonk, Managing Director of Spar Holding B.
e-Day is the day from which Government Departments, local authorities and other State agencies stop sending and receiving cheques from businesses.
MOYES faces c transfer e-day push to yers after ng Manchester d side slump field.
e-day event was hosted by ht Club as part of 50th-anelebrations of the Old Gaffers (OGA).
Speaking to Qatar Tribune, Chair of E-Day Committee Sami al Turkawi Hasib said the main aim of day was to promote science and engineering among young children.
Muralitharan, the world record holder for test and one e-day wickets, will play his final international match if he takes the field on Saturday.
The main objective of the E-Day is to promote science and engineering among young children.
o State agencies should stop issuing or accepting cheques by E-Day.