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 (sôr′bĭ-tôl′, -tōl′, -tŏl′)
A white, sweetish, crystalline alcohol, C6H8(OH)6, found in various berries and fruits or prepared synthetically and used as a flavoring agent, a sugar substitute for people with diabetes, and a moisturizer in cosmetics and other products.

[sorb (since it was first isolated from the berries of the rowan tree (Sorbus aucuparia)) + -it(e) + -ol.]


(Elements & Compounds) a white water-soluble crystalline alcohol with a sweet taste, found in certain fruits and berries and manufactured by the catalytic hydrogenation of sucrose: used as a sweetener (E420) and in the manufacture of ascorbic acid and synthetic resins. Formula: C6H8(OH)6
[C19: from sorb + -itol]


(ˈsɔr bɪˌtɔl, -ˌtɒl)

a sugar alcohol, C6H14O6, naturally occurring in many fruits or synthesized, used as a sugar substitute and in the manufacture of vitamin C.
[1890–95; sorbite an earlier alternate name (sorb + -ite1) + -ol1]


[ˈsɔːbɪtɒl] Nsorbitol m


n sorbitol m
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