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A poisonous yellowish liquid organophosphate compound, C10H14NO5PS, used as an insecticide. Its use in the United States is highly restricted.

[para- + thio(phosphate), phosphoric acid salt (thio- + phosphate) + -on.]


(Elements & Compounds) a slightly water-soluble toxic oil, odourless and colourless when pure, used as an insecticide. Formula: C10H14NO5PS
[C20: from para-1 + thio- + -on]


(ˌpær əˈθaɪ ɒn)

a deep brown to yellow, poisonous liquid, C10H14NO5PS, used as an insecticide.
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Noun1.parathion - a colorless and odorless toxic oil used as an insecticide
insect powder, insecticide - a chemical used to kill insects


n paratión m
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