Economic Commission for Europe

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Noun1.Economic Commission for Europe - the commission of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations that is concerned with economic development in Europe
Economic and Social Council commission, ECOSOC commission - a commission of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations
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ECE is manufactured from edible algae through food-compatible processes.
Supporting learners' transition from home to school and ECE to higher classes is also part of the ECED policy, he added.
A study that assessed the impact of perampanel on behaviour in adolescents with refractory partial onset seizures (12-17 years old, n=133) is the subject of an additional abstract at ECE.
Completion of Tranche 2 will give ECE an initial 19.
ECE policy also aims to facilitate wider government goals.
approximately half of graduates of full-time ECE programs (who enter college straight from high school) work in child care 2 years after graduating and about 40% 5 years after graduating.
Besides Symantec, ECE now serves two other clients out of the Eugene office: an entertainment company and a computer-assisted-design software firm, said Toni Portmann, ECE's president and CEO.
Anne Mitchell cites evidence from ECE in other countries, as well as from other professions in North America, to support the idea of requiring a credential for individual directors.
So far, this ECE division has drafted conventions to reduce the transboundary effects of air pollution, water pollution, and industrial accidents, as well as protocols that guide countries in assessing environmental problems and informing their neighbors about them.
And last week the ECE provided a briefing on the Geneva talks at the U.
A simple explanation of the velocity curve of the whirlpool galaxy from the new ECE relativity
Having started my ECE career booking fraternity and sorority parties on Rugby Road, and having lived in the area the past six years, I've been able to grow my business in the region through strong industry relationships and a willingness to go the extra mile for clients.