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The Government's Repeal Bill says no UK court will need to have regard to decisions of the ECJ post-Brexit, but may do so if it considers it appropriate.
44) However, the ECJ has interpreted Article 34 to prohibit restrictions member-state governments may place on imports even if they are not literal limits, such as regulations that might have the equivalent effect of a literal limitation on imported goods.
The ECJ judges concluded the dismissals of two women may, depending on the view of national courts, have breached EU laws against religious discrimination.
Given the far-reaching implications of ECJ decisions, there is a strong case for the issues at stake not only to be scrutinized ex post, but also to be assessed ex ante.
The case before the ECJ concerned a challenge brought by a number of Greek Cypriot depositors against the decisions leading to the March 2013 bail-in.
First, the ECJ benefited from an overarching geopolitical context--including its linkage to the project of regional integration in Europe, the institutional setting of the early European Community, and the broad trend toward the judicialization of politics in Europe--that was highly supportive of the expansion of judicial authority.
In addition to answering the questions posed, the ECJ examined the commission's decision that found that the Safe Harbor offered an adequate level of protection, and it found that the decision was invalid for two reasons.
Monday the Bulgarian President met with an official ECJ delegation led by Court President Vassilios Skouris, which is visiting Bulgaria on the invitation of Bulgaria's Supreme Court of Cassation.
In a ruling on 18 October, the ECJ banned the patentability of human embryonic stem cells.
The ECJ ruling is still likely to have major implications for how sporting broadcast rights are sold both in Britain and across Europe in the future, but the case first has to return to the High Court.
The Premier League said in a statement: "The ECJ judgment responds to 18 specific questions referred by the UK High Court.
The scope of action of governments, national trade unions and employers' organizations is restricted to differing degrees by the ECJ decisions.