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The ECJ decision in EDM (2) clearly states that the grant of an intercompany loan is of an auxiliary nature and is not part of the taxpayer's primary business activity.
The actions of the ECJ must be understood within Europe's
That will likely come later--around June--from the ECJ judges.
But that would involve either expanding the ECJ greatly or creating some other judicial organization at the EU level--something neither Monti nor European member states want.
They raise uncertain questions of law and have therefore been referred to the ECJ.
The ECJ decided Mr Lock's holiday pay should include an amount to reflect the commission the energy sales consultant was unable to earn while on annual leave.
Monday the Bulgarian President met with an official ECJ delegation led by Court President Vassilios Skouris, which is visiting Bulgaria on the invitation of Bulgaria's Supreme Court of Cassation.
Oh no it's not, was the surprise ECJ verdict in November 2004, much to the horror of BHB chairman Peter Savill and chief executive Greg Nichols, who were told the BHB's pounds 4m-a-year investment related to creating racing data, not the database.
The ECJ said in a statement no allowance could be made to protect attendances at matches on Saturdays.
A spokesman for the English FA Premier League, which is studying the Advocate General's Opinion in this case, said that, if the Opinion were adopted by the ECJ, this "would damage the interests of broadcasters and viewers of Premier League football across the EU".
This the ECJ did in April this year, ruling that Protocol 10 did not preclude the prosecution in EU courts of crimes allegedly committed in the northern part of Cyprus -- a ruling that was perceived as a severe blow to many in the north as it made potential criminals of anyone, Cypriot or foreign, who had purchased property belonging to Greek Cypriots before the 1974 invasion.