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electromagnetic pulse


1. Emperor.
2. Empire.
3. Empress.
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The multifunctional EMP team will oversee the development and implementation of the planning effort.
The EMP has long been associated with some of the most grievous, as well as the most high-profile, crimes in the modern history of the country.
Combining the best of Metaullics and EMP provides the industry a single source for molten metal circulation and, light gauge scrap melting," said Richard Chandler, president of Metaullics.
Somewhat surreally, this curves through the EMP at its south-east corner, neatly separating the Artist's Journey component ('lives and histories of popular music artists'; its billowing mass of sky blue folds have earned it the sobriquet 'The Madonna') from the main mass of the building.
The third EMP model (EMP-2000) is designated for specific applications for quality control and research in the large dye and organic pigments industry.
Considering the partners leading place in the premier end of the market, EMP and GTBank are now in a better position to provide the debit and credit issuing services across the network of GTBank.
Merchandising Handelsgesellschaft mbH EMP is a Lingen, Germany-based multi-channel retailer that has been selling rock music-inspired merchandise since 1986.
Kosar ICT knowledge-based group has managed to domestically manufacture the EMP filter for the very first time in the country," said Rahimi.
EMP has a broad network in the region, across all parts of the payment chain.
Edwards pointed out that EMP operates across all links in the electronic payments chain and currently serves 130 banks and 30,000 retailers across 49 countries in MEA.
With around 25% of the global economy involves mobile payments, Chairman of EMP Group Paul Edwards said that 2014 has witnessed a 400% increase in global mobile payment transactions, compared to 2011.
EMP aims to provide the most secure, efficient, and accurate smart card processing services throughout the Middle East and Africa and is committed to bringing world-class technology to ensure that Jordan is perceived as a leader in the region in use of electronic payments.