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electromagnetic pulse


1. Emperor.
2. Empire.
3. Empress.
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Dismissing such concerns, the official said: "Applicants have no need to worry because EMP is a government entity, and works under UAE laws.
According to EMP, transit authorities have experienced fuel economy improvements of up to 10%, depending on location and use, which directly reduces the emissions from the transit buses.
My EMP 9mm is one I had on loan for a Hand-gunner cover article.
The Commission's investigation found no horizontal concerns in the overall market for wireless platforms and confirmed that horizontal overlaps between the activities of EMP and ST-NXP are marginal.
Proceso publico --en su edicion 1573-- que Calderon permitio sin reparos que el EMP derrochara 218 mil pesos diarios para garantizar su seguridad, justo en los meses de mayor tension con el excandidato de la coalicion Por el Bien de Todos, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.
Thierry Baudon, CEO of EMP Europe, said "Since EMP became the majority shareholder of Telemach in 2000, Telemach developed from a small cable operator with less than 20,000 subscribers, into Slovenia's undisputed market leader with more than 100,000 video subscribers and operating margins in excess of 45%.
For that matter it never explains where, exactly, the alleged EMP device was deployed or who was using it.
The EMP has long been associated with some of the most grievous, as well as the most high-profile, crimes in the modern history of the country.
Combining the best of Metaullics and EMP provides the industry a single source for molten metal circulation and, light gauge scrap melting," said Richard Chandler, president of Metaullics.
Somewhat surreally, this curves through the EMP at its south-east corner, neatly separating the Artist's Journey component ('lives and histories of popular music artists'; its billowing mass of sky blue folds have earned it the sobriquet 'The Madonna') from the main mass of the building.
una banda de hampones, que se combino con el teniente Enrique Villegas Alcantara, asesino a otros dos miembros del EMP, e hirio a dos mas, entre ellos al propio Villegas.
The third EMP model (EMP-2000) is designated for specific applications for quality control and research in the large dye and organic pigments industry.