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1. enclosed.
2. enclosure.


abbr of enclosure(s) → Anl.
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From Table 7, we see that the ENC statistics are much more powerful than the MSE statistics at horizons of one and two quarters in detecting forecasting ability over the 1985:1-1999:4 out-of-sample period.
Their 40th class reunion at Central High revived the interest of the ENC members able to attend.
Shirley Bell, SECU Foundation Board Chair, remarks, "The SECU Foundation grant for ENC is an educational investment for the citizens of North Carolina, especially our State's students.
Eggs are a 70-calorie, nutrient-rich whole food that belong in any well balanced diet, which is one reason ENC became involved in the fight against obesity.
A typical insertion loss for an ENC silencer applied to a compressor station cooling fan is 22-25 dBA.
We are thrilled to be awarded top honors for the type of work we perform for our clients every day," said Eva Neumann, president and founder of ENC Marketing & Communications.
The passive component of the NoiseBuster ENC Earmuff has a very competitive Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24dB and the ENC component provides as much as 20dB of added noise reduction within the low-frequency bandwidth of 30-500 Hz.
BULLETIN BOARD: FLCR) , today announced that the Company's ENC Global division entered into new service agreements with several automobile dealerships during the month of April 2004.
We selected ENC to assist us with our government-focused marketing initiatives because of their proven success in IT marketing to the government sector.