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n.1.The earth.
Erd shrew
(Zool.) the common European shrew (Sorex vulgaris); the shrewmouse.
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The ERD project has been a major concern for Egypt as it fears the dam will affect its share of the Nile river's water.
The South Korean semiconductor firm has been the consistent top exporter in Clark for the past two years, ERD record showed.
After much review, in May 2011, the Moraine Park District Board voted to officially suspend the decades-old ERD program.
We hypothesized that ERD would reflect the cognitive activation generated by deception, because EEG alpha power is known to desynchronize when individuals are mentally active.
TESEL expects to begin ERD installations for commercial transportation vehicles in the second quarter of 2009.
The ERD Xpert series comes with hopper volumes of 0.
ERD indicated that they will develop general requirements for the substances that do not have security codes of practice developed.
Design features of the ERD Xpert compressed-air dryer include a round stainless-steel drying hopper for optimal material flow, energy efficiency that provides an average of 30% savings over that of comparable desiccant dryers, and integrated multifunctional controls that maintain precise temperature control, provide an on-board modern for remote maintenance and software updates, and furnish an immediate status report.
The company noted that the agreement also includes a provision providing ERD with a one-year, fixed-price buyout option from MSI for the MicroFuel Cell intellectual property.
Under the terms of the agreement, ERD will use its Super Critical Fluid (SCF) technology to produce and supply sub-micron size drug particles of a protein for testing in BPT's proprietary electrohydrodynamic (EHD) or Mystic(TM) pulmonary delivery device.
Advance directives are compatible with Catholic theology and ERD for Catholic Health Care Services and urge avoiding two extremes: "an insistence on useless or burdensome technology even when a patient may legitimately wish to forgo it and, on the other hand, the withdrawal of technology with the intention of causing death.