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Balian, regional ESTH hub officer for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)
The mission's ESTH projects are a priority because they benefit both nations and broaden understanding of the Earth and universe.
ESTH will evaluate based on the submissions for option 1 to select a preferred bidder and reserves the right to then discuss options 2 and 3 in detail with that bidder to arrive at the Trust~s preferred solution.
For ESTH, the most liked post of the year (962 likes) was a congratulatory message to Mexican photographer Octavio Aburto for winning an international photo contest called "Our World Underwater.
Mission China's ESTH team is now working even more closely with EPA to design and implement a standardized mission-wide air monitor system.
Available during the pilot phase in Simplified Chinese, Bahasa and English, the app is being tested in China, Indonesia and India, where public affairs sections and ESTH officers are promoting it to students via social media, speakers and links to the Smithsonian Ocean portal.