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Noun1.Eamon de Valera - Irish statesman (born in the United States)Eamon de Valera - Irish statesman (born in the United States); as president of the Irish Free State he was responsible for the new constitution of 1937 that created the state of Eire (1882-1975)
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With little direct evidence apart from the sensationalist allegations exchanged by Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Taoiseach Eamon de Valera, many writers assumed the enmity between these two leaders reflected the respective spirits of their nations.
However, Goertz found republicans divided on whether they wanted the Germans to invade Northern Ireland or just to provide the weapons, and whether they should even be attacking the British or concentrating on the overthrow of the Dublin government of Eamon de Valera.
1949: The Republic of Ireland Act came into force and with it the establishment of Eire: In1948, John Costello's party won the election after defeating Eamon de Valera, and he announced his intentions of getting Ireland out of the British Commonwealth making his country a completely independent republic.
It is also fascinating to read a letter from the Leader of the Irish Free State, Eamon De Valera, who used the royal crisis cleverly to detach Ireland from the monarchy and, eventually, to become a Republic.
Mr Ahern was the first Irish Taoiseach to watch Celtic play on Scottish soil since Eamon de Valera in 1938.
Here he challenges--or at least augments--the conclusions of his own Irish Neutrality and the USA by documenting covert Irish aid first to the British and then to the Americans, the Irish leader Eamon de Valera playing the two powers against each other when necessary to limit Irish exposure.
More papier-m--che is used in the creation of a bust of Irish revolutionary eamon de Valera.
Other items for auction include a pair of hand-written letters by Eamon de Valera written in prison in England in 1917 which are expected to fetch as much as EUR5,000.
The southern Irish Protestants (only four per cent of the population), came to admire the first Irish president, Eamon de Valera.
To be sure, while it was Eamon de Valera who traded on his reputation as a revolutionary leader to raise money among supporters in Ireland and the United States to "create a voice" for republicanism, there are three generations of de Valeras at the heart of O'Brien's story.
Also On This Day: 1682: The famous ChelseaHospital for soldiers (Chelsea Pensioners) was founded; 1702: The first successful English newspaper, a single broadsheet called the Daily Courant was published in Fleet Street; 1864: The Bradfield Reservoir, near Sheffield, burst its banks, killing 250 people; 1926: Eamon de Valera resigned as leader of Sinn Fein in Ireland; 1985: Mikhail Gorbachev became the youngest leader of the USSR after Konstantin Cherneko's death; 1990: Tennis player Jennifer Capriati became the youngest finalist in a professional tennis tournament in Florida 18 days before her 14th birthday.