Earth light

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(Astron.) the light reflected by the earth, as upon the moon, and corresponding to moonlight; - called also earth shine.

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The approach Philips is taking, and that mass merchants, hardware stores and home centers have embraced, is one of simplifying the purchasing process through easy-to-read, explanatory packaging for Philips' Earth Light line of compact fluorescents and through special merchandising aids.
As a leader in energy- efficient lighting products, such as the Earth Light compact fluorescent collection, QL Induction lamps and Masterline lamps, Philips Lighting has a broad range of energy-efficient products to offer municipalities throughout the world.
Earth Light bulbs are available in various wattages and sizes: the original Earth Light SL(asterisk)18 gives off as much light as a standard 75-watt incandescent bulb but only uses 18-watts of electricity; the smaller Earth Light SL(asterisk) 17 provides a 60-watt equivalent using only 17-watts; and the Earth Light SLS 15-, 20- and 23- watt bulbs are the most compact fluorescent bulbs available, designed to replace 60-, 75- and 90-watt incandescent bulbs.
Designed to help protect the environment, Earth Light compact fluorescent bulbs consume one-fourth the electricity of comparable incandescent bulbs and, consequently, reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Then for no reason on earth light batters in from all sides, fog like brainfire, stillness awakes.
The Beckhams have featured in a couple of spy-on-the-wall documentaries which portrayed the couple in a down to earth light.
The Chinese contributors study titania nanoribbons for lithium selective adsorption, alginate salt fibers, flue gas desulphurization, rare earth light conversion film, dye-sensitized solar cells, hydrogen storage, carbon nanofibers, and diamond composite films for thermal applications.
It is also a fitting tribute to the former town crest of Ex Terra Lucem -out of the Earth light - which reflected our mining heritage.
hoorahed the council's chief executive Jon House, neglecting only to mention why on earth lights would be on in council buildings at 8.
It provides consumers all the information they need to choose the most energy efficient light sources, such as Earth Lights, in a clear and concise format.
Another theory claims earth lights - caused by geophysical stresses - could account for the incident.