n.1.(Agric.) The part of a plow, or other implement, that turns over the earth; the moldboard.
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Florida state courts have not yet addressed the key regulatory issue presented in EarthBoard and Temple, but these costs can best be avoided through a clarification of federal law Notwithstanding the existence of a federal overlay through the NSMIA, Florida's action to strengthen its licensing and enforcement functions reinforces traditional methods of protection for investors by providing a screening mechanism to avoid licensure in circumstances of individuals with a criminal record of fraud, and those whose conduct presents a history of "moral turpitude.
All-terrain skateboard manufacturer Earthboard Sports USA Inc.
Fox Sports Net and the ASWC are bringing legitimacy to action sports and we're stoked to be a part of it," said Hugh Jeffreys, founder and CEO of Earthboard and progenitor of all-terrain boarding, a four-wheeling, all-season crossover sport combining attributes of snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding.
Earthboard, as the official all-terrain board of the ASWC, will receive for its consideration an inventory of televised commercials, accommodations for its riders, a tradeshow booth and logo identification during the ATBA-sanctioned All-Terrain Boarding Big Air Championship.