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(Astronomy) another name for earthshine



the faint illumination of the part of the moon not illuminated by sunlight, as during a crescent phase, caused by the reflection of light from the earth.
clair de Terre
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Surveying the earthlights map of the world depicting the spatial extent of urbanization through nighttime satellite imagery, the authors contend that patterns of light and darkness on the earth's surface are informative for illustrating a new map of global security.
The earthlights map, Liotta and Levy say, forces Americans to think about disturbing trends that, if left unchecked, will come to haunt them in the coming decades: the increased possibility of failing regions within functioning but troubled states; the rise of the "feral city" within regions inextricably linked to the process of globalization; in general, the patterns of world order and disorder.
In bright alternation minutely mirrored within the thinking of each and every mortal creature halves of a clue approach the earthlights