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Noun1.east side - the side that is on the east
side - a place within a region identified relative to a center or reference location; "they always sat on the right side of the church"; "he never left my side"
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Below, every point of vantage bristled with spectators, the roofs of the towering buildings, the public squares, the active ferry boats, and every favourable street intersection had its crowds: all the river piers were dense with people, the Battery Park was solid black with east-side population, and every position of advantage in Central Park and along Riverside Drive had its peculiar and characteristic assembly from the adjacent streets.
City officials hope to open Marie Kerr Park's new swimming pool and amphitheater in July but an east-side water park won't open until mid-August, for a truncated first season.
East-Side Winery, reportedly California's last winegrape grower cooperative winery, was sold in its entirety at a bank auction Aug.
PALMDALE - City officials plan to hire a Glendale firm to design a library that will be part of the east-side ``super park.
The two parks will add an amphitheater at an expanded Marie Kerr Park on Rancho Vista Boulevard at 30th Street West, and water slides at a new east-side park on Avenue S between 37th Street East and 40th Street East.
The hue and cry is in favor of an east-side shopping center.
For example, Mayfield voted against a controversial east-side apartment complex development on the Avenue R corridor that Ledford later voted for.
East-side residents have claimed they are overlooked when in comes to economic development.
LANCASTER - Two proposed east-side shopping centers, both to be anchored by ``big-box'' stores, are drawing opposition from grocery store unions who believe such projects endanger jobs.
LANCASTER - An east-side shopping center got a shot in the arm Wednesday with the city tearing down an abandoned sign and a developer announcing plans to build a drugstore.
The lawsuit also states that Graw's termination had to do with his refusal to allow ``political intermeddling'' in a contract-award process that he charged resulted in Drew recommending the award of the $65 million east-side rail project based on political considerations.
Board members said the subway to North Hollywood must be completed because it is so far along, but all other rail projects - the Pasadena, east-side, Mid-City and east-west Valley lines - should be re-examined.