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A seaside resort of southeast England on the English Channel south-southeast of London.


(Placename) a resort in SE England, in East Sussex on the English Channel. Pop: 106 592 (2001)


(ˈist bɔrn, -boʊrn, -bərn)

a seaport in East Sussex, in SE England: resort. 72,700.
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Mamma, however, is only going to bring Mary and Gus and Fred and Adelaide abroad with her; the others will remain at Kingscote until February (about the 3d), when they will go to Eastbourne for a month with Miss Turnover, the new governess, who has turned out such a very nice person.
I would not trust you so near it as Eastbourne for fifty pounds
Strickland was the daughter of an Indian civilian, who on his retirement had settled in the depths of the country, but it was his habit every August to take his family to Eastbourne for change of air; and it was here, when she was twenty, that she met Charles Strickland.
Well, I happen to know that she's not above going to Eastbourne with a man for the week-end now and again.
With the utmost regard for the family, for instance (for I dine with them twice or thrice in the season), I cannot but own that the appearance of the Jenkinses in the park, in the large barouche with the grenadier-footmen, will surprise and mystify me to my dying day: for though I know the equipage is only jobbed, and all the Jenkins people are on board wages, yet those three men and the carriage must represent an expense of six hundred a year at the very least--and then there are the splendid dinners, the two boys at Eton, the prize governess and masters for the girls, the trip abroad, or to Eastbourne or Worthing, in the autumn, the annual ball with a supper from Gunter's (who, by the way, supplies most of the first-rate dinners which J.
I remember taking a small boat out at Eastbourne last summer: I used to do a good deal of sea rowing years ago, and I thought I should be all right; but I found I had forgotten the art entirely.
It bore, as I should guess, some pleasure party upon their return from Brighton or from Eastbourne.
20 Eastbourne Terrace, situated next to Paddington underground, mainline and Crossrail stations provides 92,000 sq ft of office space designed by Fletcher Priest in collaboration with Stiff & Trevillion architects.
Needing two match victories against Eastbourne, one by in excess of six points, to book their playoff place, the Buildbase Bees had seen an early 12-point advantage slashed to two, and three of their riders had taken heavy falls on the third and fourth bends.
BIRMINGHAM aim to bounce back from their home defeat by Lakeside when they face Eastbourne at Perry Barr on Thursday before a local derby at Coventry on Friday.
Manager Mark Cooper has told his full-backs to be more adventurous, and on Saturday bottom club Eastbourne were swamped by a five-goal blast before half-time, possibly the first time in their history that the Quakers have scored five goals in the first half of a game.
The whole back four played well, the goalkeeper had nothing to do and, with all due respect to Eastbourne, we've got to be beating teams like that.