Easter Day

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Noun1.Easter Day - the day (in March or April) on which the festival of Easter is celebratedEaster Day - the day (in March or April) on which the festival of Easter is celebrated
Christian holy day - a religious holiday for Christians
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Maybe it's because he came on Easter Day, I don't know.
I've eaten your mother's kolaches long before that Easter Day when you were born.
On either Easter Day or Bank Holiday, had I failed him, it had been his intention to make the best escape he could.
The whole of this radiant Easter day I have spent out of doors, sitting at first among the windflowers and celandines, and then, later, walking with the babies to the Hirschwald, to see what the spring had been doing there; and the afternoon was so hot that we lay a long time on the turf, blinking up through the leafless branches of the silver birches at the soft, fat little white clouds floating motionless in the blue.
On an evening after Easter Day, I sat at a table in a homeward bound steamer's smoking-room, where half a dozen of us told ghost stories.
This may be true, but surely people should realise that, this year April 16 is Easter Day, and should surely be described as such - not as a bank holiday.
A RESCUED Shetland pony will be giving cart rides at a family Easter Day out on Sunday, March 31.
Christmas Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Grandmother's Day, Easter Day.
On Easter Day the choir will wear their new brightly coloured choir robes for the first time and will celebrate with a songs of praise service at 6pm.
AT DAWN on the first Easter Day there was great activity in the streets of Jerusalem.
Easter Day moves around - a lot - being "the first Sunday after the paschal full moon, ie that moon on which the 14th day falls on or follows March 21.
Many may have lots of A grades, but know little of what Christmas is all about or what happened on Good Friday or Easter Day.