Thuja occidentalis

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Noun1.Thuja occidentalis - small evergreen of eastern North America having tiny scalelike leaves on flattened branchletsThuja occidentalis - small evergreen of eastern North America having tiny scalelike leaves on flattened branchlets
genus Thuja, Thuja - red cedar
arborvitae - any of several Asian and North American conifers of the genera Thuja and Thujopsis
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has acquired Balmoral, New Brunswick-based eastern white cedar shingles producer Cedar Balmoral Ltd.
Proprietary CedarLife Color Blends feature a progression of shades that capture the appearance of natural Eastern White Cedar and Western Red Cedar at different stages of life.
Other common overstory species within these parks include white spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss), eastern white cedar (Thuja occidentalis L.
Eastern white cedar cladding from Manitoulin Island adorns the upper portion of the facility, and wood is used throughout the building.
In the winter, we place apple peels and stale bread beneath our bird feeder and the rabbits carve an obvious trail in the snow that runs right along a row of eastern white cedar trees (arborvitae) we planted between our house and the adjacent one.
surprises Suraif Pincherry Resentment; confusion; Prunus pensylvanica stubbornness; karma Ruis Chokecherry End of a cycle; regeneration Prunus virginiana Ailm Scots Pine Birth; foresight; purification Pinus sylvestris Onn Basswood Gentleness; knowledge Tilia americana Ura Common Juniper Spiritual healing Juniperus communis Eadha Quaking Aspen Problems; doubts; grief Populus tremuloides Idho Eastern White Cedar Changes in life directions; Thuja occidentalis transitions Koad Riparian Forest Wisdom through retrospect Oir Cranberry Obligations; completions Viburnum trilobum Uilleand Honeysuckle Caution Lonicera spp.
Estes wrapped the little house with elegant eastern white cedar shingles, redwood trim, local field stone, asphalt shingles, and wood windows to weather the island's incredibly harsh winter climate.
in the last transition series) is eastern white cedar.
Eastern white cedar can be distinguished from westrnm red cedar mainly by its higher content of fenchone (5-10% and 0.
It is designed for use with Cedar, Coast Fir, Douglas Fir, Eastern Spruce, Eastern White Cedar, Port Oxford Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine, Pressure Treated Lumber, Western Red Cedar, Western Redwood, and Yellow Cedar.
Eastern white cedar performed well in British Columbia, Ontario, and Florida but decayed rapidly in Hawaii.

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