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 (ēst′wo͝od′), Clint Born 1930.
American actor and director noted for starring as a gunslinger in the films of Sergio Leone and for his Academy Award-winning direction of Unforgiven (1992) and Million Dollar Baby (2004).


(Biography) Clint. born 1930, US film actor and director. His films as an actor include The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966), Dirty Harry (1971), and as actor and director Play Misty for Me (1971), Unforgiven (1993), Mystic River (2003), Million Dollar Baby (2004), and Gran Torino (2008)


Clint, born 1930, U.S. actor and director.
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27 ( ANI ): Francesca Eastwood, Clint Eastwood's daughter, was recently left standing outside her new husband Jordan Feldstein's house when he refused to open the door for her.
Unlike Mr Eastwood, Clint is a submissive chap who thinks looking pathetic will be enough to win over the Tokai troop.