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 (ē′brō, ĕ′vrō)
A river rising in the Cantabrian Mountains of northern Spain and flowing about 925 km (575 mi) to the Mediterranean Sea southwest of Barcelona.


(ˈiːbrəʊ; Spanish ˈeβro)
(Placename) the second largest river in Spain, rising in the Cantabrian Mountains and flowing southeast to the Mediterranean. Length: 910 km (565 miles)


(ˈi broʊ, ˈeɪ broʊ)

a river flowing SE from N Spain to the Mediterranean. ab. 470 mi. (755 km) long.
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Noun1.Ebro - a river in northeastern SpainEbro - a river in northeastern Spain; flows into the Mediterranean
Espana, Kingdom of Spain, Spain - a parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; a former colonial power
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After he had left the inn he determined to visit, first of all, the banks of the Ebro and that neighbourhood, before entering the city of Saragossa, for the ample time there was still to spare before the jousts left him enough for all.
said a voice, "You are off to Ebro, I hear; and, by the holy fish of Tobias
Contract notice: Aragon supply populations: water supply to zaragoza and the ebro corridor, and joint supply to the cores of lower aragon ebro (zaragoza).
The rivers Ebro, Po and Arno drain into which body of water?
ESCORTED HOLIDAY Birmingham NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT IN MAR - LIMITED AVAILABILITY 8 days from PS619 Roman Tarragona, Gaudi's Reus & the Ebro Delta Flying Direct from Birmingham Departs Mar 16 & May 18 2016 Catalonia has an incredibly rich variety of landscapes.
Services of a tour representative Roman Tarragona, Gaudi's Reus & the Ebro Delta Flying Direct from Liverpool & Manchester Departs Mar 18 & May 19 2015 Catalonia has an incredibly rich variety of landscapes.
During which war was the Battle of the Ebro fought in 1938?
Hot 97's programme manager Ebro Darden sent the rapper a congratulatory email about the couple's supposed new addition.
Program Director Ebro Darden of New York's Hot 97, also known as Old Man Ebro, said that he emailed Jay-Z to offer best wishes on Beyonce's getting pregnant a second time, but the rapper responded back by saying that "It's not true.
The huge 207lb fish was caught on pellet by 19-year-old Callum Gutteridge one of nine British anglers who made the trip to the River Ebro.
Waitrose has Bandurria Alto Ebro Tempranillo/Garnacha Rioja Baja, on sale at PS4.