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A city of ancient Media on the site of present-day Hamadan in western Iran. It was captured by Cyrus the Great in 549 bc and plundered by Alexander, Seleucus I, and Antiochus III.


(Placename) an ancient city in Iran, on the site of modern Hamadān; capital of Media and royal residence of the Persians and Parthians


(ɛkˈbæt n ə)

the ancient capital of Media: at the site of modern Hamadan in W Iran.
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As the Persian imitated in the slender shafts and capitals of his architecture the stem and flower of the lotus and palm, so the Persian court in its magnificent era never gave over the nomadism of its barbarous tribes, but travelled from Ecbatana, where the spring was spent, to Susa in summer and to Babylon for the winter.
Celebro Alejandro en Ecbatana un sacrificio, segun tenia por costumbre tras algun buen evento, y organizo un certamen gimnastico y musical" (47).
se empequenecia cuanto podia, el poeta, y, por tanto, aristocrata y principe de nacimiento, a quien habrian sido pocos los palacios de Dario y los esplendores de Ecbatana, y decia contentarse con este modesto retiro y serle mas grata su existencia mediana que todos los triunfos y tesoros (24).
Median gradually established the first Persian Empire led by Diaako and chose a certain city that was Ecbatana or concourse of people for being the capital.
Darius established Persepolis in 519 BCE as the most magnificent of the four Achaemenid capitals -- Susa, Ecbatana, Persepolis and Babylon -- which were established in logistically important locations to help Achaemenid kings efficiently administer their vast empire.
The King] himself, so it is said, established himself at Susa or Ecbatana, invisible to all, dwelling in a wonderful palace with a surrounding wall flashing with gold, electrum and ivory; it had a succession of many gate-towers, and the gateways, separated by many stades from one another, were fortified with brazen doors and high walls; outside these the leaders and most eminent men were drawn up in order, some as personal bodyguards and attendants to the king himself, some as guardians of each outer wall, called 'guards' and the 'listening-watch,' so that the king himself, who had the name of 'Master' and 'God,' might see everything and hear everything.
Entre todos os estrangeiros, ele foi o primeiro a consagrar aos monumentos do antigo Egito a atencao que mereciam; visitou a Fenicia e viu as maravilhas da Babilonia; pela grande estrada que leva de Efeso a Sardes, e de Sardes a Susa, alcancou o interior do imperio persa; esteve em Ecbatana.
Schachermeyr argues that after Parmenion was left behind in Ecbatana, and certainly after his death, Alexander dispensed with the position of overall commander of the Pezhetairoi, (41) and likewise did not replace Philotas with a single supreme commander of the Companion Cavalry.
Esta deuda no solo se advierte en la descripcion de la fastuosa Atlantida -inspirada en buena medida en las descripciones de Ecbatana y Babilonia en las Historias (1.
Herodoto mismo nos cuenta que la ciudad de Ecbatana, capital de la Media, era circular, y estaba rodeada por siete muros concentricos de diferente color, en cuyo centro se hallaban el palacio real y los tesoros (29).
Scogan dresses in drag and passes himself off as "Sosostris, the Sorcerer of Ecbatana.
Little remains of the palaces and other structures--at Pasargadae, the first Persian capital, not much can be seen other than the stolid tomb of Cyrus the Great, and at Ecbatana the royal palace of cedar and cypress has long since passed into oblivion--but the grandeur of Persian architecture is evident still at the amazing palace at Persepolis.