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(ˌɛ tʃɛ gɑˈraɪ)
José, (José Echegaray y Eizaguirre), 1832–1916, Spanish dramatist and statesman: Nobel prize 1904.
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The head of Argentina's tax agency, Ricardo Echegaray, called the central bank's move "positive" and urged HSBC's clients involved in tax evasion to accept criminal liability and pay the taxes they owed.
The illegal platform," Echegaray added, "involved three affiliates with three different identification keys: HSBC Bank Argentina, the Swiss branch [of HSBC], and the US affiliate.
Contractor address : C/ Jose Echegaray, 6 (Parque Empresarial Las Rozas)
Now that the Hispanic market itself has evolved, PM3 represents a rebirth," said Ricky Echegaray, Partner, PM3.
3), Jacqueline Nolley Echegaray seriously mischaracterizes an article published in our journal, the Guttmacher Policy Review.
This was a very valuable market for Pepe Echegaray of Power, who said, "In each meeting this time around, clients came in to actually buy, not just to see what we have to offer.
This agreement will allow us to access the fiscal databases linked to foreign trade," said Ricardo Echegaray, head of the administration.
Latino Scholars for Dollars: Karen Cespedes, Frances Santos, Christopher Echegaray, Julissa Frias
Echegaray S, Zamora G, Yu H, Luo W, Soliz P, Kardon R.
In addition, an agreement on sharing information on tax issues was signed by Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Stavreski and Ricardo Echegaray, Head of Argentina's Federal Administration of Public Revenue, on behalf of the Republic of Macedonia and the Argentine Republic.
The head of AFIP, Ricardo Echegaray, says the new rules are similar to those in the United Sates and Europe, where officials require data on imports well before shipments are made.