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a.1.(Bot. & Zool.) Set with small spines or prickles.
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Microscopic observation after staining with Lacto-phenol cotton blue it was found that conidial head was erect, compact and columnar, vesicle flask shaped, uniseriate, conidia were globose, echinulate and sclerotia or clestothecia were absent.
El-Morsy (2004) also studied 32 fungal species which were isolated from polluted water in Egypt for their resistance to metals and found that Cunninghamela echinulate biomass could be applied as a biosorbent of metal ions in waste water.
66); walls thickened, hyaline, well echinulate and 2.
95, narrowly ellipsoid to lacrymiform, golden-yellow in mass under the microscope, hilar appendix prominent and curved, profile echinulate, ornamented with randomly scattered, acutely tipped spines 0.