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also Eck·art or Eck·ardt  (ĕk′härt′, -ärt′), Johannes Known as "Meister Eckhart." 1260?-1327?
German theologian regarded as the founder of mysticism in Germany. His influential works concern the union of the individual soul with God.


(German ˈɛkhart)
(Biography) Johannes (joˈhanəs), called Meister Eckhart. ?1260–?1327, German Dominican theologian, mystic, and preacher


(ˈɛk ɑrt)

Johannes, ( “Meister Eckhart” ), c1260–1327?, Dominican theologian: founder of German mysticism.
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Noun1.Eckhart - German Roman Catholic theologian and mystic (1260-1327)
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The story says that Graf family tax adviser, Joachim Eckardt, who is in jail and charged in the case, had provided prosecutors with information that Steffi Graf knew the details of what was happening to her money.
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A legacy of past presidents in attendance (Delegate Addie Eckardt, Rosemary Mortimer, Denise Moore, Sandy Bryan, Nancy McCaslin and Mary Beachley) coupled with the keynote speakers addressing this year's theme, "Leadership for Healthcare Change: Navigating Today's Healthcare," left the 225 nurses attending on Thursday and the 125 nurses on Friday challenged, enlightened, enthused, and renewed.
Roy Eckardt, and Franz Mussner have probed in some depth Christianity's interaction with Judaism.
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With the cooling capability of WIT, cooling cycle times can be reduced to only 25% of that of gas," says Helmut Eckardt, technical director for low-pressure injection molding at Battenfeld Injection Molding Technology in Meinerzhagen, Germany.