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also Eck·art or Eck·ardt  (ĕk′härt′, -ärt′), Johannes Known as "Meister Eckhart." 1260?-1327?
German theologian regarded as the founder of mysticism in Germany. His influential works concern the union of the individual soul with God.


(German ˈɛkhart)
(Biography) Johannes (joˈhanəs), called Meister Eckhart. ?1260–?1327, German Dominican theologian, mystic, and preacher


(ˈɛk ɑrt)

Johannes, ( “Meister Eckhart” ), c1260–1327?, Dominican theologian: founder of German mysticism.
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Noun1.Eckhart - German Roman Catholic theologian and mystic (1260-1327)
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As part of his collection on artwork depicting industry workers and craftsmen (detailed in the book Man at Work by Klaus Turk), Eckhart G.
3 THE ECKHART SOCIETY Meister Eckhart, the fourteenth-century Dominican mystic, was accused of heresy and written out of ordained Catholic history.
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Each text is provided with the same informational scheme: the complete manuscript tradition, the authentication of the text as part of the Eckhart corpus, other editions and references to the text in the works of other medieval authors, with precise references for edited works and with a reference to the Stuttgart edition if the text referred to is not edited, and where possible the chronology of the text within Eckhart's oeuvre.
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