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n. pl. bi·o·ce·no·ses (-sēz)
A group of interacting organisms that live in a particular habitat and form an ecological community.


or bi•o•coe•no•sis

(ˌbaɪ oʊ sɪˈnoʊ sɪs)

n., pl. -ses (-siz)
a self-sufficient community of naturally occurring organisms occupying a specific biotope.
[translation of German Biocönose (1877)]
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The members of the Public Council discussed and outlined new interaction formats of ROSATOM and Minprirody, areas of ROSATOMs interaction with the expert ecological community, and approved mechanisms of advancing skills of the sectoral employees responsible for preparation of documents to be reviewed by the State Ecological Expert Review.
Craft beer and its equivalents in local food systems are at a scale closer to human and ecological community, the exercise of skill and creative expression.
In 1999, she became the chair of a subgroup of the Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee, which was dedicated to preserving and protecting the whitebark pine, leading restoration efforts and paving the way for future conservation projects, programs and research within the ecological community.
I found great diversity in the flowering time temperature-sensitivity of the 23 species (Panchen and Gorelick, in press), and 1 suggested that the interspecific variation in responsiveness to climate change could lead to altered Arctic ecological community competition, pollinator interactions, and ultimately Arctic ecological community composition (Hegland et al.
The Microbiome is the ecological community of commensal, symbiotic and pathogenic microorganisms that literally in habit our body.
Integrating environmental and spatial processes in ecological community dynamics.
Their fight, which has divided the ecological community, centers on whether conservation should be for natures sake or equally for human benefit.
For example, Robert Nisbet (1973) asserts that the ecological community is the most fundamental aim of the tradition of community in Western thought (see pp.
Even if a reasonable classifier could be built, a set of profile samples from a single site is insufficient to set up the continuity and contiguity requirements to determine whether a small land area satisfies the requirements for a particular endangered ecological community.
So the question that requires a satisfactory answer before we can accept Leopold's second foundational claim is "How can the ecological community, or what Leopold speaks of as the 'biotic community', the community that includes 'soils, water, plants, and animals' be a genuine moral community?
The vegetation in the survey area was not considered to have a high conservation value and is not considered to be likely to be a threatened or priority ecological community.
climate change will have modified plant communities that cover almost halt of the world's land surface and will drive the conversion of nearly 40 per cent of land-based ecosystems from one major ecological community to another.

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