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1. Destruction or a loss in value, usefulness, or ability resulting from an action or event.
2. damages Law Money required to be paid as compensation for an injury or wrong.
3. Informal Cost; price: What's the damage for the tickets to the show?
v. dam·aged, dam·ag·ing, dam·ag·es
To cause damage to.
To suffer or be susceptible to damage.

[Middle English, from Old French : dam, loss (from Latin damnum) + -age, -age.]

dam′age·a·bil′i·ty n.
dam′age·a·ble adj.
dam′ag·ing·ly adv.


pl n
(Law) law money to be paid as compensation to a person for injury, loss, etc
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Noun1.damages - a sum of money paid in compensation for loss or injurydamages - a sum of money paid in compensation for loss or injury
compensation - something (such as money) given or received as payment or reparation (as for a service or loss or injury)
relief - (law) redress awarded by a court; "was the relief supposed to be protection from future harm or compensation for past injury?"
actual damages, compensatory damages, general damages - (law) compensation for losses that can readily be proven to have occurred and for which the injured party has the right to be compensated
nominal damages - (law) a trivial sum (usually $1.00) awarded as recognition that a legal injury was sustained (as for technical violations of a contract)
exemplary damages, punitive damages, smart money - (law) compensation in excess of actual damages (a form of punishment awarded in cases of malicious or willful misconduct)
atonement, expiation, satisfaction - compensation for a wrong; "we were unable to get satisfaction from the local store"


n., pl. daños y perjuicios.
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MPI), a national consulting firm founded in 1939 specializing in business valuation, litigation support and corporate advisory work, opened a Philadelphia office to serve as national headquarters for its new forensic accounting and economic damages practice, the company said.
Mayo and her husband $9 million in economic damages and $16.
1) In non-trauma cases, the MPLA did not cap recovery for economic damages such as medical bills, lost wages, future lost earning capacity, funeral bills, and the like.
Louisiana expected July 1 to receive $200 million from BP, the first part of the state's settlement for economic damages related to the 2010 Gulf Coast oil spill.
Damascus, SANA- The total economic damages to the insurance sector in Syria due to the current crisis till the end of the first half of the current year has been estimated at SYP 177 million.
Both auto accident cases and the other personal injury cases produced good fits with positive regression coefficients, indicating that noneconomic damages increased in a linear fashion as economic damages increased.
However, we found that economic damages from the earthquakes are not reflected in the FDMA numbers.
Suit seeks $195,000 in economic damages, $400,000 in non-economic damages.
Estimating economic damages is a type of litigation service provided by CPAs that utilizes a blend of accounting, economics, and finance, focusing largely on time-value-of-money concepts and analytical skills.
The owners sued both the dispensing pharmacist and the vet--demanding more than traditional tort law allows (typically the pet's "market value" and medical expenses and sometimes economic damages if the pet is a breeding animal or has special training).
The court held, inter alia, that the damages awarded (as stated in a verdict form) were for past economic damages as compared to noneconomic damages, i.
As opposed to economic damages, which compensate injured parties for out-of-pocket expenses such as loss of income and medical bills, non-economic damages compensate plaintiffs for injuries that are difficult to quantify in market value--though they may be just as damaging.

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