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n.1.The act or practice of using to the best effect.
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By transferring the responsibility of health-related costs to the users, economization strategies release the state of its burden.
White space designed by Data Centers Delivered is built to meet any customer's IT requirements by providing proper-size facilities for easy server access and maintenance, are cooled via systems that take advantage of today's waterside and airside economization strategies, and are powered by redundant electrical and control systems.
The data center research space will contain a variety of thermal management technology, including the breakthrough new Liebert DSE cooling system with pumped refrigerant economization technology and the Liebert iCOM intelligent control technology.
It integrates with perimeter cooling, providing immediate improved cooling efficiency and is compatible with economization methods.
Based on a precise differentiation between marketization and economization, this article highlights challenges as well as possible odds and constraints of health care user participation.
Is a central bank's leverage over interest rates threatened by banks' ongoing economization on reserves?
23, direct/indirect evaporative cooling and airside economization.
Air handlers using economization capable of delivering colder air during cooler and/or drier ambient conditions with minimal added cost should do so whenever possible.
Failed outside air temperature or humidity sensors may result in economizer mode of operation when outdoor conditions are not appropriate for economization.
to take economization measures in the context of fiscal decentralization [For this fiscal year, the Government has made a plan on transferring some 31% of its domestic revenues to the regions.
legal system has given support, results in an economization of science: Scientists start to compete with each other as economic actors in order to appropriate genes as if they were real estate, while at the same time undermining science as a collective enterprise for the production of knowledge, for which open communication and the sharing of data among scientis ts are essential.
Finally, it is noted that a system of net settlement with a cap C [is greater than] 0 on the typical bank's net debit position offers the possibility of some economization on reserve balances with reduced default probability.