Edge plane

(Carp.) A plane for edging boards.
(Shoemaking) A plane for edging soles.

See also: Edge, Edge

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But this relation its lack in generality, due to the fact that the cutting speed v was considered included into the edge plane and that's valid only in the particularly situations, when [v.
It illustrates views in the constructive base plane, in the edge plane, in the rake face plane, where appears the chip's removal direction D, the direction orthogonal to the edge [N.
However, it is feasible to detect the fracture-induced weak AE by monitoring the in-plane motion of the So-Lamb waves using the sensors mounted on the edge plane of the target [15].
We attempted to detect the spallation initiation by monitoring the in-plane motion of So-mode Lamb wave AE using broadband pinducer mounted on the edge planes.
These cracks are not planar; instead, after penetrating a distance below the surface they curve and bifurcate, each branch tending to turn and run on a plane nearly parallel to the edge plane for a distance [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6 OMITTED].
Cracks that were caused to initiate in the original surfaces of plaques produced under these conditions turned and ran nearly parallel to the edge plane at this depth (see below).
080 cm or so, this assumption is reasonable for the cooling of the central region of the edge plane though not its boundaries.
This is a medium traffic volume road Edge plane the asphalt 30mm, deep lift the pavement failures, then complete the project with a 30mm AC10 Light Traffic Mix Overlay - 2318 sq m
However, the angular regions of MADA are defined as a pyramidal region surrounded by four edge planes.
ij] as the space surrounded by those outermost edge planes.
Recall that the three-dimensional space enclosed by outermost edge planes and a reference facet is called [MAR.