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a.1.Tending to edification.
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These may be divided into edificatory and motivational factors.
Kostov, who was Bulgaria's PM 1997-2001, issued an edificatory call to the GERB party to learn from the way he tackled the 1996-7 crisis he inherited when coming to power and bewailed GERB's reluctance to do so.
The author defines the reflections on the popular motif in early eighteenth-century European religious imaginary by understanding the edificatory effects of the "everyday devotion commemoration" practices (17).
Particularly interesting in the library are the personal reading books complied by the monks; these combined edificatory texts with "secular" texts whose purpose was knowledge for its own sake.
Clayton identifies several uses for theistic arguments: hermeneutical, edificatory, apologetic, and polemical.
Across America and the British Empire Jews formed scores of literary societies, debating clubs, and library associations; started Sunday schools; purchased edificatory novels and Jewish newspapers; and pushed for the introduction of instructional sermons.
10) Because of its reliance on monumental history, the type of documentary that is prominently featured on PBS, then, might not be sufficient as a didactic and edificatory mode of the "absolute truth.
they show different degrees and forms of progress in this scale and thus provide an edificatory panorama of patterns of philosophical perfection.
The Song Biography of Eminent Monks even attributed the overwhelming success of the Chan School to the edificatory rules.
While comparing Hindemith and Pfitzner, she points out that, unlike Pfitzner, who aimed to remain separate from the world, Hindemith was concerned with edificatory communication from the composer to the listener (p.
He was also Director of the Anthropological Museum in Madrid, which he helped to set up with another doctor, Pedro Velasco, and as Labanyi comments, "these activities allowed Pulido to indulge a penchant for edificatory showmanship.
They were to find profitable and edificatory materials for their own teaching and preaching in its pages.